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You will find documents on amateur super 8 and video movies, models, scratchbuilt costumes and props, as well as a report of the activities of the no longer existing STAR WALKERS association.

The updates will be made according to the projects, so come visiting from time to time...

Enjoy your visit

As you can see, dear visitors, there are no more updates since an ETERNITY.
Time is flying and I didn't rebuild this site, so I will ask you again and again to be patient...


November 7, 2007
After an even HUGE delay than usually, addition o the  1/72 X-wing model page
Addition of the Golden Idol of Fertlity map prop page
Addition of the paper weathering technique page

July 19, 2006
Addition of the
1/26 Bond Bug
model page
Addition of the Polly Perkins's camera
May 6, 2006
After a HUGE delay :-(, addition of the page on Alien movie beer cans: Weylan(d) Yutani Beer (drink with moderation ;-)

March 22, 2005
Addition of the
1/24 Rebel Ground Transport
model page
Addition of the Je Sais Tout
fake issue

September 18, 2004

Addition of the 1/48 Trihedrons model page

February 24, 2004
Addition of the "fun" R/C version of the Jeep at bottom of 1/24 MacGyver's Jeep model page
February 15, 2004
Addition of the 1/17 Bruno's 2 CV model page
1/24 MacGyver's Jeep
construction is the subject of an article in the Dixième Planète #27 magazine

January 18, 2004

Addition of the 1/24 MacGyver's Jeep model page
Modification of the mail address because of tons of spams :-((

August 8, 2003

Darth Vader and stormtrooper costumes are displayed until the end of november in "Kourou Space Museum"
April 17, 2003
Addition of the photoetching page in the new section techniques
February 14, 2003

Addition of the Wallace & Gromit model/bedside lamp page

September 27, 2002
Addition of photos and of the way to build the logo in volume in the 25 Candles for Star Wars.exhibition page
July 12, 2002
Addition of the 1/35 Tiger I model page
July 5, 2002
Addition of the link to the Discovery model on the 2001, The Collectibles Exhibit site
Replacement of photos from the Discovery model by others of better quality
June 26, 2002
Addition of the exhibition/animation 25 Candles for Star Wars page. The exhibit is prolonged until 8 of September, 2002
Addition of photos of the luminous blades from Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Vadersabers
April 5, 2002
The Star Wars costumes will be displayed during the "25 Candles for Star Wars" animation in May
Luke Skywalker's saber construction is the subject of an article in the Dixième Planète #16magazine

January 23, 2002

Complete modification of the site for a better 800 x 600display
Addition of theLuke Skywalker's saber page
Replacement of photos after modification of theObi-Wan Kenobiand
Darth Vadersabers

September 21, 2001
Addition of the link to the
"2001, a Models Odyssey" exhibition photos

Addition of the
"Euro Space Camp" exhibition ad
September 13, 2001

Addition of the
1/845 Orion shuttlemodel page
June 11, 2001
Complete translation of the site in english!
Addition of the french "Air and Space Museum" exhibition ad
April 25, 2001
Addition of the link to the
"2001, a Models Odyssey" exhibition video
April 4, 2001
Site opening

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