MacGyver's Jeep

Conversion of a YJ Wrangler Jeep model from Tamiya.

This vehicle is the most driven by MacGyver in the 90's TV show.

The Jeep can be displayed in its two versions: open top or hard-top.

For further information about the character and the show: MacGyver Web Site


To see how the model has been converted, please, click on this logo:


PHOTOS GALLERY (click on photos to enlarge)

The finished display stand

Inside the Jeep
The famous Swiss Army Knife to scale!
The hard-top version

MACGYVER ON THE FRENCH ROADS :-) (click on photos to enlarge)

(conversion of an old R/C 1/20 Nikko model)
(click on photos to enlarge)

The basic R/C car
The basic R/C car
The basic R/C car

The converted car
The converted carThe converted carThe converted car

Conversion of a
Han Solo action figure
In action !In action !In action !